"Preserve & Promote"

The aims of the "Yarra Valley Fly Fishers Incorporated", the sponsors of a non-professional sport, are to preserve and promote the art of fly-fishing in all its aspects; and to actively participate in anti-pollution and conservation undertakings to protect the ecology and environment of Australia, in particular the area known as the Yarra Valley in the state of Victoria.

Wed Mar 04 @ 8:00PM -
Fly Tying Tuition
Sun Mar 08 @10:00AM - 12:00PM
Casting Tuition
Wed Mar 11 @ 8:00PM -
Fly Tying Tuition
Fri Mar 13 @ 5:00PM - 05:00PM
Kiewa/Mt Beauty
Sat Mar 14 @ 5:00PM - 05:00PM
Kiewa/Mt Beauty

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