About Club Trips

Club trips are held monthly as scheduled in our syllabus and advertised on our Club Trips page.

Our club has an extensive library of fishing books, complemented with relevant videos/dvd's and other  pieces of fly-fishing memorabilia housed at our clubrooms.

A monthly newsletter, the "Fly Line By Line" is distributed free to all members and is also available as a download (.pdf) from a link on the "FlyLine ByLine" on this site.

You can call the clubrooms on 03 9739 5728 (If no answer, leave a message and someone will get back  in touch with you).

Regarding club trips weekends:-
Accommodation arrangements for trips to be advised. Please see trips co-ordinator or club newsletter for details.

Fishing on club trips starts at 8pm on the first day and finishes at 12 noon on last scheduled trip day.

Any fish that are to be weighed in, and/or notification of points must be finalized by the trip allotted finish time.

To compete in club trip competitions, you must be a current financial member of Yarra Valley Fly Fishers Inc.
and hold any necessary and current 'Recreational Fishing Licences' and permits and have paid the nominated trip fees.