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Fish Handling

With current trends leaning towards catch and release instead of catch and deceased there is more information coming out about the correct handling of fish. This isn’t just about releasing fish so they have a better chance of survival it also covers the correct procedure for despatching fish humanly and quickly. Most media today has regular articles on cruelty to animals and a lot of the procedures are linked to either old fashioned ideas or religion as the cases coming out of some Middle Eastern countries. Some nationalities believe that a fish left in a bucket with a little water in it for a number of hours is the best way to keep a fish fresh. This is usually a slow agonising death either choking in its own blood slowly suffocating in a stressed state. This picture does nothing to enhance our sport or obsession in some cases, but this scene is repeated every day especially on weekends throughout our country. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out what will eventually become a headline on our nightly news

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